Oricon Ltd. was established in 1993 by Mr. Meir Nagar who retired from Brother Israel Ltd., after working in the printer industry for over 19 years. In the last 25 years, we have greatly intensified our activity with Hewlett Packard (HP) Inc./Xerox/Brother/Epson/Acer/Extron and its products. We have developed contacts and provided services and products for major institutional customers such as banks, insurance companies, government offices, the Ministry of Defense (M.O.D.), Israeli Aircraft Industry (I.A.I.), and other major institutions.

Mr. Meir Nagar owns and operates the company. He manages the general administration, service, and sales of the company. Oricon Ltd. is an authorized dealer for HP Inc./Xerox/Brother/Epson equipment accredited by Data Poll, Reshef, C-DATA, Epson, Acer, Extron  and the official importer CMS Ltd., under a signed agreement. It is also internationally recognized as an authorized service provider (ASP) for HP equipment in Israel.

Customer Segmentation
Most of Oricon’s customers are institutions and government offices – banks, insurance companies, Motorola Ltd., Cellular Phone companies, and industrial plants comprising about 90% of its customers.

The other 10% are customers referred through HP Inc./Xerox/ Brother/Epson’s advertisement of the company as an ASP. In the first year as an ASP, we were busy in getting organized and studying the equipment, mode of operation and the software vis-a-vis HP’s administration operating in Europe. We have established a system for receiving the equipment with marked warehouse and immediate location of the equipment and became ready to receive HP’s equipment for repairs under warranty on new products.

In the next year we intend to promote and improve the connections with the various entities in HP Europe, place larger orders and continue our work with our customers.

Business & Support Volumes
Total yearly business in M$ (HP, EPSON,EXTRON,BROTHER,ACER other vendors)

Product sales: $ 15 M
Support activities: $ 4 M
Next year we expect to grow the above-mentioned volume by more than 5%.

Business – Support Objectives
We are posing for ourselves several objectives. The first stage is training our technical personnel and authorizing them for all product lines: Laser, Deskjets and Plotters, training our sales personnel in understanding the equipment and its correct marketing, providing proper consulting to the company's customers, introducing to the market CDR-W – scanners, etc., improving the customer control system for providing better, quicker and more reliable service. The current orders system is more reliable and understands better the inventory needs of the company. It can estimate the expected quarterly orders. In this respect I foresee increase in the service activity and in the volume of customers we serve.

Marketing Activity
The current marketing activity for government institutions has increased and will increase in the next year. For insurance companies we foresee increases in the activity and volumes in scanner systems and laser printers and we anticipate a growth in the demand for our great service providing activity. We foresee a more aggressive marketing to banks of laser products, scanners and increase in the service activity. In 2011 Oricon plans to increases focus on providing products and services to government entities (municipalities, local and regional councils, etc.) Oricon Ltd. Continues to advertise itself as an established ASP and HP’s service provider in professional publications WHICH ONES?
Oricon will also organize conferences and shows in annual events taking place in the Tel-Aviv Fair Grounds and in the Jerusalem Congress Center.


Repair Process

Available Resources: Currently the repair personnel of Oricon includes 15 service persons, a warehouse carrying inventory worth $ 0.25 M, On-Line Access to modern software operating under Windows 7 providing full control of the equipment type, catalog number, serial number, type of repair, the service provider, the customer, the customer’s satisfaction, cross-sections by types of equipment, customers, identifying customers and equipment under guarantee, locating recurring troubles and their solution.

The service department has a telephone answering service staffed by 3-4 service persons providing tech support by phone during working hours 08:30-17:00. The assistance provided includes advice about toner replacement, paper jams, changing parameters through the panel and network installation, assistance on the driver, etc.

The Call Handling: Upon receiving a trouble call the customer is requested to provide details such as the type of printer, the issue, serial number of the printer, when the trouble started and to state if changes were made in the computer or printer. We try to solve the problem by phone.

 If the problem is not resolved by phone we open a Trouble File in the computer and issue a service call to a technician who takes the appropriate parts if required or a substitute printer. The technician arrives at the customer’s site within 4-8 working hours of receiving the call.

If the technician cannot solve the problem at the customer’s premises, the printer is taken to the lab and a substitute printer is provided and demonstrated to the customer.

The printer is checked in the lab by Oricon’s authorized technicians where they replace the faulty part and test the printer with a computer diagnostic check. The parts that are replaced and the labor time as well as the testing time and the technician’s name and signature are entered in the card attesting the orderliness of the printer before its return to the customer.

The technician returns the repaired printer to the customer, reconnects it, and demonstrates it to the customer who signs his satisfaction.

The mode of repair: Troubleshooting is usually the solution to the problem. If necessary, we call HP Europe.

The moment the printer enters the lab it is entered into the lab report, which provides the technician all the details about the owner of the printer and the nature of the problem, and the initial service it was given. The printer is connected to the mains and to a computer and rechecked. In case a part should be replaced, this is done and recorded on the repair card. The printer is tested for a long time and the details of the repair and the test problem are entered. The printer is returned as stated above.

Parts Handling: Currently, Oricon’s warehouse stores inventory enabling to solve problems within two hours for all items sold by Oricon. The orders system is reliable, providing quarterly orders list. Most of Oricon’s technicians were trained in a course on providing service to Laser printers, color laser printers and plotters. We have technical literature for all the above-mentioned equipment. In the weekly meeting of the technical department convened every end of the week we cross information about problems in the field and problems solved in the lab, and try to draw conclusions and find prompt solutions to the problems. In addition, we have videocassettes, which help in better understanding the trouble-shooting and mode of repair.

In Oricon’s warehouse, we store inventory according to HP’s recommendations by model and number of items. Orders are made quarterly and currently there is no problem in getting spare-parts from HP’s system in any quantity required. Other Vendors Support Provider Certification: HP, extron, brother, Xerox, acer,

Support Personnel Training Plans: In 2013, we employed 35  technicians. In 2014, we intend to maintain the same number of technicians. Some of the technicians passed tests regarding laser, and color laser printers and plotters. At the present, we have to train the technician and test them on Deskjet printers only. We plan to send this year to Vienna, Austria, two technicians to courses on laser and plotter. We provide standard classes every Friday with cassettes and written material on new printers introduced to the market.

Support Quality: Currently, Oricon is operating under ISO-9001 and supervises the standard of the technicians, recurring troubles and customer’s satisfaction. Oricon is known as a company considering good service as a vehicle assuring massive sales and vice versa. The International Standard accreditation improved our activities and the improvement is ongoing in 2014/2015. In 2014, we shall start to generate statistics about typical problems by types of printers and troubles per customer as well as satisfaction surveys.

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